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TargetExpress Version 4.2 

Create your own targets with the new TargetWizard!

Target printing software!  Download Now...

Over 500 printable targets! Hundreds of pistol and rifle targets designed for printing from your computer. These are hi-quality vector drawn targets, not bitmap images. So you get clean crisp looking prints from every target. TargetExpress is great for archery too!

TargetExpress includes:

  • IPSC targets
  • IPDA targets
  • NRA targets
  • ISSF targets
  • IBS targets
  • Military and LE targets
  • IHMSA animal silhouettes
  • Realistic animal targets
  • 100 and 200 yard MOA sighting targets
  • 50 yard small bore targets
  • Standard 25 yard pistol targets
  • TargetWizard for creating you own targets
  • Target tiling option for tiling small targets
  • and much more...

Most targets are designed for 8.5" x 11" paper.  Most targets have regular, ink saving, and hi-visibility orange versions. The new TargetWizard option allows you to create your own targets.  A new target tiling option allows you to tile small targets to fill a printer page.  TargetExpress has a scale target for distance feature that can scale targets out to 1000 meters. For larger targets, TargetExpress will print tiled pages that can be trimmed and taped together to produce the full size target.  Large targets can also be scaled down to fit any size paper. TargetExpress has a convenient build in thumbnail viewer to quickly view and select the targets you wish to print.

We could show you thumbnails of all our targets but why not download TargetExpress now and see them for yourself!  Try the full working demo for 14 days free.  If during that time you would like to register TargetExpress, it cost only $14.95

TargetExpress can print your targets too! Just add your targets (in JPG, BMP, or WMF format) to the My Targets directory.  TargetExpress will display and print them.

If you have a favorite target send it to us.  If we like it we will add it to the "User" target directory include in TargetExpress. Contact us here. NOTE: If you send us a target please include the dimensions so it can be recreated in a TargetExpress file format.

Download TargetExpress now...